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CommonCourtesy Kansas, LLC

PO Box 836

Wichita, KS 67201



est. June 2017

Who We Are - the Founders


Founded by Bob and Anne Carr, we believe that every person deserves the right to mobility.  Bob and Anne have a vast knowledge of older adult and moderately impaired transportation programs.  Millions of people in the US are confined at home because they cannot drive.  The modern age has offered many potential solutions to this problem, but large portions of the population are left without access to new technology.  We have teamed up with two leading ride-share providers Lyft AND Uber to expand mobility and provide rides to those who need them.  And most recently in Wichita, Kansas with our new Director, Sheryse Navarro.

About Us

                Ella and James Rowland

               The Inspiration to our Team



Our founding inspiration and the reason we are dedicated to providing transportation to those in need. Ella suffered from Glacouma and James' license was revoked after a near fatal car accident. We gave them transportation assistance for 5+years individually.

Bob Carr

Founder & CEO


After retiring as Founder and CEO of Executive Adventure, Bob and his wife founded Common Courtesy, Inc. Bob has extensive work experience in the corporate sector as well as proven entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Anne Carr

Founder & Outreach Coordinator


Anne is a professional photographer who helped found Common Courtesy. She is a long time resident of Atlanta and has an in-depth knowledge of the needs of older adults and those with disabilities